In the kitchen you are the king. You can prepare any dish regardless of the difficulty, time to be spent on it and the unavailability of ingredients. You have never burned anything, the milk has never been fried out, the dishes come out perfectly fried, the soft egg always has the perfect consistency All the dishes always come out to the best chef. It is a kind of gift that you have had since childhood. Of all the possibilities you have in the kitchen, all the dishes you can prepare always have the best liking for working with meat. And it is not only about seasoning, marinating, frying, cooking or roasting meat, but most of all it is about everything that happens before these processes.
Making meat has always been a tradition in your family. You have been involved in carcass preparation, boning and portioning for generations. It was a great opportunity to spend time together, talk about all kinds of topics and learn something new from older family members. That is why even when you were a child, you were willing to participate in this undertaking. It was during such a meeting that you learnt how important good quality kitchen knives are, how important it is to sharpen knives and to take proper care of them. The meat knife that your grandfather used to prepare hams and sausages is still one of the greatest family treasures today. Just like the whole set of chef knives your grandmother used. It is from them that you inherited the passion for cooking and the professional kitchen knives that you still use today.

64.40 with TAX

Nóż do trybowania. Ostrze 150 mm.

133.40 with TAX

Nóż do trybowania. Ostrze 155 mm.

609.50 with TAX

Nóż Mioroshi. Ostrze 240 mm.

121.90 with TAX

Tasak. Ostrze 165 mm.

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