Your Sushi Bar is the best place of its kind in and around the city. You always have a full set of guests in your room and you have to wait several weeks for a place in your restaurant. The interior of the place is inspired by traditional Japanese wooden and paper apartments, with minimalist design, which includes small souvenirs brought from the Land of the Cherry Blossom. The biggest attraction of your restaurant is the sushi prepared in front of your guests. It is a real spectacle, for which you and the sushi masters you cooperate with have been preparing for many years.
The art of making sushi is not easy. You know that in order to prepare the best sushi you need perfect quality ingredients, fresh fish, the best varieties of rice and kitchen knives, which in addition to maximum sharpness allow you to work quickly, without sticking to them the ingredients of your dishes. When you cook, your customers look at your every move, whose precision attracts the eye even from a distance. Knife sharpening begins the whole show of your skills. Then you start chopping vegetables and filleting fish. You can’t take your eyes off you, and your Japanese kitchen knives add extra chic to every action with their distinctive black handle and blade. Professional kitchen knives make the show you offer your customers even more interesting and memorable and your work gives you even more fun.

Made of MAC steel – AUS8, the Japanese equivalent of 440C steel, is a steel that ranks between the European equivalent of 440C steel and ATS 34. . Content C 0.7 – 0.8%, Mn 1.0%, Cr 13.0 – 14.5%, Ni 0.5%, V 0.1 – 0.25%, Mo 0.1 – 0.3% Japanese steels differ from European counterparts 440C by using small amounts of vanadium. Vanadium has a positive effect on the homogeneity of the steel’s crystalline structure, added in appropriate proportions increases the abrasion resistance of the blade. Japanese production technology guarantees the highest quality. Kitchen knives can’t be washed in dishwashers due to high temperature and strong acting detergents.

270.00 with TAX

Nóż do obierania. Ostrze 135 mm.

350.00 with TAX

Nóż do Sushi. Ostrze 180 mm.

380.00 with TAX

Nóż do Sushi. Ostrze 215mm.

440.00 with TAX

Nóż Santoku. Ostrze 170 mm.

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