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Knife series

Series of knives

You spend every free moment in the kitchen. Every few days, the courier brings you a recipe book from which you can try any recipe, even the most complicated one. You make sure that the ingredients you use to prepare dishes are of the highest quality. Every day you receive guests who, apart from the spectacle of preparing meals and delicious dishes, receive something much more special from you. They get the stories you tell them every time you walk into the kitchen.

The job of a chef is not easy. Creating new dishes that, on the one hand, will have surprising flavors and, on the other hand, will appeal to all guests. Supervising the work of the entire kitchen team and training them. Preparing a work plan. Quality control of ordered products. Many hours spent on your feet. All this sometimes makes you dream of a moment of peace. About something that will be certain and reliable. That’s why when you were choosing kitchen knives for your restaurant, you chose professional MacKnifes kitchen knives.

We have been producing kitchen knives for many years, and every day we draw conclusions to streamline and improve production. We want our knives to be as sharp as possible. Thanks to experience and many tests, we present a series that has been carefully crafted by our craftsmen. By creating irregularities on the surface of the knife, space is created between the ingredients when cutting. This space causes less friction when cutting.

I have been using MAC knives in my restaurant and at home since 2000!

“MAC knives are of the best quality, which ensures precision and control. These are knives that will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.”

Thomas Keller / The French Laundry

Even when you were a child, you were interested in knights and everything related to them. You always impressed teachers in history lessons because you were able to name all the knightly orders along with their places of residence, year of foundation, banners and all their champions. When you grew up, you became interested in the types of weapons used by knights, the technology of their production and all the properties of materials. The moment you discovered how durable Damascus steel is, your whole life turned upside down. You became fascinated by its history and the mystical properties it was endowed with. Years passed, you grew up, other passions from your youth were forgotten, but not the one related to the knights’ white weapons, although with age you decided to approach it more practically.

Variety in your kitchen is essential. Every day you prepare meals from various cuisines around the world, which are an extraordinary mixture of styles, cultures and flavors. You don’t like to limit yourself, so your set of kitchen knives allows you to cook whatever you want.

You know perfectly well that working in the kitchen is not easy and not everyone is suitable for it. Constant time pressure, unexpected problems. It has happened to you several times that after coming to work, the first thing you found was a thawed refrigerator that flooded half of the kitchen. Burner not working which was delaying work. Or a supplier who supplied products that were not suitable for use with them. You don’t even want to remember those changes where customers almost made you want to leave the industry forever. But there was always something that made you stay in the business after a few deep breaths. You know perfectly well that you either love him or hate him. And you belong to the first group.

Blades as light as any other!

“Trotter liked MAC knives so much that he endorsed them. He was convinced by the fact that the MAC series knives are pressed, not forged, which makes them thin, light and very precise.

Charlie Trotter / “Food & Wine Magazine” July 2001

You are a practical man. You appreciate minimalism, clean space and the multifunctionality of everyday items. This does not exclude the fact that the aesthetic aspect of everything around you is also very important. Your entire apartment is a manifestation of your personality. Perfectly white walls, perfectly matching furniture, a minimal amount of accessories and a few pots of herbs on the kitchen windowsill.

Your Sushi Bar is the best place of this type in the city and surrounding areas. You always have a full complement of guests in the room, and you have to wait several weeks for a seat in your restaurant. The interior of the place is inspired by traditional Japanese apartments made of wood and paper, with minimalist decor, including small souvenirs brought from the Land of the Rising Sun. The biggest attraction of your restaurant is sushi prepared in front of your guests. It’s a real spectacle for which you and the sushi masters you work with have been preparing for many years.

There is no end to the daily fun. Tag, jumping rope, playing football, drawing, board games, playing with cars, organizing parties for teddy bears and dolls, playing fireman, princess, policeman, chef… Until finally the moment comes when children want to transfer the fun from the world of fantasy to your kitchen .

Extremely sharp and balanced!

“I love that the MAC knife fits my hand perfectly. I first used MAC knives at Dish Party (Food Network), and since then they have been with me both at work and at home.”

Adell Schneer / Senior Food Specialist, Canadian Living Magazine

You like it when everything fits together. Colors must always be perfectly composed with each other. Everything around you must be harmonious. The tools you use always complement each other perfectly. That’s why when you’re cooking instead of using random tools, a set of kitchen knives is what you rely on.

You wake up panting in the morning and reach for a cup of black coffee straight from the machine. You meticulously do your morning exercises and make a quick breakfast to have some time for yourself and your loved ones before work. You play with the cat for a few moments and then take the subway to the center. You start planning everything you will do at work today.
After reaching your restaurant, you change into an apron. You won’t even have time to prepare well and you’ll already be receiving a supply of fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and dairy products. You carefully put everything in its place and then start sharpening the knives and preparing all the things necessary for work. You know perfectly well that kitchen knives alone will not allow you to create perfect dishes, but knife accessories can help you with this.

Sharpening knives is not very difficult, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate accessories. Our offer includes ceramic rods, professional wet sharpening stones, and a ball sharpener.

A wide range of Wa-Bocho knives – Japanese style – are available in Japan. Excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary sharpness make these knives appreciated by professional chefs.
Every practicing chef knows how important a good knife is. For many, it is the most important tool in the kitchen. And for those who know, Japanese knives, wabocho, are at the top of their class. Japanese knives are famous for their incredible sharpness and long durability. As a result, each good quality Japanese knife can cost several hundred dollars, and a set can cost thousands. However, they are worth the price.

You have been fascinated by Japan since you were a child. It started innocently with a few cartoons seen on the sly and playing samurai with friends.
Later, you looked for information about it in the library, reading stories about brave samurai and amazing culture. When you got a little older on the Internet, you knew every forum about Japan. From those touching on the tradition and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, through those touching on geographical issues, to forums discussing the traditional cuisine of this nation. In later years, when you had the opportunity to go on exchange to Japan, you fell completely in love with this nation.


The Mac series of knives is prepared in the two largest production centers in Japan. The unique blades are made by experienced blacksmiths in Seki and refined by masters of this craft in Sakai. Very sharp and durable edges obtained thanks to strong and stain-resistant high-carbon Yasuki Ginsan steel.


The exclusive Mac Kasumi series of knives is produced from white high-carbon Yasuki steel in the city of Sakai. To protect this expensive steel, a protective coating of low-carbon mild steel is applied. The edges of Kasumi knives are incredibly sharp and easy to sharpen.


These luxurious masterpieces of white high-carbon Yasuki steel are forged and sharpened by hand by the greatest masters at Sakai. However, before the blade is manually processed, it is stored for many years in a special mixture of coal ash in order to obtain even greater hardness and strength of the steel. Then the blade is thoroughly polished on both sides until a perfectly smooth surface is obtained and attached to a handle made of buffalo horn and ebony wood.

Knife series


  • HB-85 91.20 with TAX
  • MTH-80 201.60 with TAX
  • TH-80 144.00 with TAX

Top rated

  • DA-BK-200 276.00 with TAX
  • HB-40 50.40 with TAX
  • Chef Knife Classic French knife for versatile use. Blade 320 mm. SBK-120 465.60 with TAX

Knife series

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