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znaki mac222

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SP-50, SA-70

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Rockwell steel hardness

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The SU-27 set has been completed in such a way that the two kitchen knives provide as much functionality as possible. Both come from the SUPERIOR series, have a unique rounded tip of the blade and a characteristic hole in it. These are features that have been adapted from the previously created ORIGINAL series, but with modifications – their blades are sandblasted, which increases their durability and gives them a unique look. The blades are made of MAC Steel (AUS8), a solid steel with a hardness of 60 on the Rockwell scale. PAKKA wood was used to produce the handles – it is a very durable material, resistant to water absorption. Moreover, due to the different needs of users, this series was created for people who prefer to work with lighter knives because they are low in weight. All MAC knives are sharpened very thinly and sharply like a single traditional Japanese knife by experienced craftsmen in the city of Seki, a region famous for the production of kitchen knives.

SA-70 is a universal kitchen knife with a medium-length blade. Cutting with this blade is precise and safe, making it ideal for cutting most food products. It has a rounded tip that prevents skin damage during accidental accidents, which can easily occur in a small or crowded kitchen. The hole made in the blade allows for vertical storage of the knife. A knife hung using this hole has a well-protected blade because it does not rub against other tools in the drawer, and moreover, when the hook is mounted above the kitchen counter, the knife will be visible and easily accessible. Its handle has been profiled to fit various hand shapes. Another feature is its perfect balance, which significantly increases the comfort of work. This kitchen knife can be successfully used in any kitchen.

SP-50 is a very handy and sharp kitchen knife for peeling. The blade is sandblasted, which increases its durability and also gives it a unique look. It was created for peeling mushrooms, vegetables, fruit and other products. Its small size also makes it perfect for carving. This knife model is a great choice for both restaurant and home use.

It is extremely important to use Japanese kitchen knives correctly; for detailed information on this subject, please read the knife care and knife sharpening guides.

Recommended recipe

Matcha Tofu Smoothie

• 200g tofu
• 150ml of milk
• 2 tablespoons of sugar
• 2 teaspoons of matcha green tea

1. Mix the matcha green tea and sugar well in a bowl.
2. Add tofu, milk, matcha and sugar to a blender and blend until smooth. 


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