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znaki mac222

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Knives included

HB-55, HB-85, BS-90.

Blade length (mm)

, ,

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, ,

Knife type

, , , , , , , ,

Steel type

Rockwell steel hardness

Stain resistant


1 review for CHEF-33

  1. Jana

    The CHEF series set is perfect for my kitchen. I like this series, when it’s time for an additional knife, there is plenty to choose from.

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The knives in this set come from the CHEF series, which is famous for the fact that the blades have the shape of blades popular in Europe, i.e. their handle and the spine of the blade are in a straight line, while the blade of the knife is pointed. To ensure durability, all of them are made of MAC Steel (AUS8) with a hardness of 59 on the Rockwell scale, which also makes the knives extremely sharp, and PAKKA wood was used to produce the handle, it is a synthesis of natural wood and resin, very resistant to absorption. water. The knives have been selected to constitute a practical set for everyday use. The set is packed in an attractive black box and can be an elegant and functional gift.

The BS-90 from the CHEF series is a serrated kitchen knife ideal for bread. Every chef knows how important the neat appearance of dishes is in a restaurant. Using this blade will ensure that even freshly baked bread does not have torn edges. To achieve this effect, you need to cut the bread in the right way, making long cuts with little pressure. This serrated knife, combined with a very sharp blade, is also suitable for cutting soft products. You can check this by, for example, cutting the tomato with a sliding, unidirectional movement, without pressing on it, this way the regular, smooth shape of even very narrow slices will be maintained.

HB-85 from the CHEF series is a universal kitchen knife of medium length and is one of the most popular knives from this series among professional chefs. Value for money is what makes it a success. You can perform most tasks in the kitchen with this extremely sharp blade. Cutting meat, chopping or shredding vegetables with this knife is efficient and pleasant. The peeling knife, which is also part of this set, fits perfectly.

HB-55 from the CHEF series is a kitchen knife for peeling vegetables and fruits. These types of knives are the basis of restaurant kitchen equipment. Its solid construction means that the knife can be used both at home and in a restaurant for many years. The comfortable handle prevents wrist and hand strain. Even long hours peeling potatoes, apples or other vegetables or fruits with HB-55 is no problem. This knife fits perfectly into all types of hands, ensuring smooth and dynamic movement.

To maintain the highest quality of kitchen knives, we encourage you to read our guide on how to sharpen knives.

Recommended recipe

Udon Soup with Wakame Seaweed Noodles

Use up any leftover ingredients in the cupboard with this simple and classic udon noodle soup recipe. A favorite Japanese soup, this easy soup is made with dashi, tsuyu, udon noodles, wakame seaweed, and other toppings (we use fish cake, spring onions, bonito fish flakes, and shichimi chili powder). Serve udon as a main lunch or dinner meal, perhaps with a side of pickles or gyoza dumplings. 

  • 1 serving of udon noodles
  • 3g dashi powder
  • hon-tsuyu broth
  • dried wakame seaweed
  • kamaboko – fish cake
  • shichimi (Japanese spicy blend of coarsely ground spices, also known as seven spice.)
  • chili powder
  • spring onions
  • bonito flakes

Pour cold water over the dried wakame seaweed and leave to soak for 10 minutes.
Boil 300 ml of water and then add dashi powder. Then add the hon-tsuyu and carefully adjust to taste. Generally, you will need a ratio of 1 cup of hon-tsuyu to 2 cups of water, depending on the concentration.
Once the broth is boiling, add the cooked udon noodles and simmer for 10 minutes.
Decorate with drained wakame seaweed, a piece of kamaboko fish cake, spring onion and some bonito and  shichimi flakes and chilli powder.

Zdjęcia ilustrujące przepisy na stronach produktowych wykorzystano z serwisów:, i na podstawie licencji udzielanych przez owe serwisy.

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