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znaki mac222

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CP, AB-60

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The ACP kitchen knife set is a perfectly complementary duo, because both the AB-60 knife model and the CP knife model are knives that are practically needed in the kitchen every day. These two blades come from the pioneering ORIGINAL series. Its name is a reference to the original, unusual features, such as the rounded tip of the knife and an unusual small hole in the blade. Thanks to these features, you can additionally protect your hands against accidental cuts and hang the knife above the kitchen counter so that it is always at hand in a visible place. This two-piece set of Japanese kitchen knives is packed in a very elegant box and can be a very impressive and practical gift.

The versatile AB-60 kitchen knife has a medium-length and wide blade and is very light, which is an advantage for many women. It will be very helpful in cutting small and medium-sized vegetables, fruits and various types of cold cuts and meats. Thanks to the use of high-quality steel, all MAC knives have very durable and, above all, extremely sharp blades. Therefore, we especially recommend it to people for whom safety is very important, either because of the fast cutting speed necessary in the work of professional chefs, or for people who cook slower as amateurs but with less experience. Additionally, the knife can be hung on the wall above the kitchen counter using a practical hole, so the knife will always be at hand. This is also the best way to store knives to keep the cutting edge sharp.

The CP model is a small kitchen knife for peeling. Its ten-centimeter very thin, extremely sharp and at the same time safe blade facilitates quick peeling of vegetables and fruits, even very thinly. Restaurant workers who peel large amounts of vegetables with this knife praise it very much for the benefits provided by its original features, and also confirm that after many hours of peeling, the hand is not strained with such often repetitive, monotonous movement. A paring knife is a must-have in every kitchen.

Each MAC knife is hand-ground by qualified workers to ensure consistently excellent knife sharpness. We encourage you to read the guide on how to sharpen Japanese knives according to the instructions of Japanese masters of the craft.

Recommended recipe

Marinated tofu with nori seaweed

Enjoy a beautiful, simple and simply delicious dish of tofu marinated in nori seaweed. The rich natural flavors of both the creamy, rich tofu and the spicy, sweet seaweed make it a fantastic healthy snack or protein-rich addition to a traditional Japanese meal.

  • 80g firm tofu
  • 1 teaspoon tsukudani paste made from nori seaweed or spiced kombu
  • a pinch of roasted white sesame seeds.
  • finely chopped chives

Roughly chop the tofu, add a tablespoon of tsukudani paste made from nori seaweed or spiced konbu. Sprinkle with chives and sesame seeds.

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