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  • Do not chop any hard materials with knives (e.g. bones – a cleaver is used for this purpose).
  • Do not saw, for example, bones or frozen food – a special knife for frozen food from the CHEF FC-90 series is used for this purpose
  • Do not use to open cans, caps, etc.
  • Knives cannot hit hard materials (stoneware, etc.). the knife should be protected from falls
    e.g. on the floor) – the high hardness of steel means that a kitchen knife may break.
  • Knives should not be washed in dishwashers.
  • Knives should not be soaked or exposed to water for long periods of time.
  • After washing, dry immediately.
  • For sharpening, use a ceramic whetstone or a high-quality ceramic wheel sharpener.
  • Do not sharpen against metal.
  • Do not bend the blade.

Which kitchen knife should you choose?


MAC kitchen knives can be stored in wooden blocks, on magnetic strips or on kitchen hooks (this applies to the ORIGINAL series).


  • High level of chlorine in the water – dirt can usually be removed during washing, but do not use hard cloths, scratching the blade causes discoloration to occur more quickly.
  • Bleach – even if you don’t use bleach to clean your knives, the fumes from bleach used near them can cause rust. Keep this in mind if you use bleach to clean countertops and cutting boards.
  • Dishwashing detergents – the manufacturer recommends using highly diluted, ecological liquids intended for steel. Concentrates may penetrate the steel structure and damage it.
  • MAC kitchen knives are not dishwasher safe. Many types of dishwashers use salt, which can leave rust marks on the knives. Failure to follow this recommendation may cause rust to appear on the blade and cause it to crack or become damaged, as well as damage to the handle due to high temperature and chemicals.
  • Inadequate drying – if the towel used for drying is not completely dry, it may leave small layers of water on the blade, causing it to corrode. When professionally sharpened, the knives are often heated (to 70-80°) during final processing to ensure that all water quickly evaporates.

How to clean Mac kitchen knives?

Be careful with your hands and fingers when washing or wiping the knife blade!
All MAC kitchen knives are extremely sharp – they can cause serious cuts.

1. The knife is ready for washing.

2. Use a soft sponge

3. Soak the sponge with warm water.
Use a neutral detergent/no chlorine or bleach

4. Wipe the blade from the handle to the tip of the knife.

5. Rinse with warm water.
Use a soft cloth or soft towel to wipe off the water.

6. Never use these types of things for washing.
Never wash or dry knives in the dishwasher!
Never scratch knives with hard objects – this may damage the coating.

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