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MAC knife sharpening

It should be carried out on wet stones with appropriate grain size or dedicated ball sharpeners. Sharpen knives before each use only using ceramic mousses.

Do not use steel or diamond sharpeners – the high temperature generated during sharpening may damage the knife.

Sharpening knives
on the stones

  • Kitchen knives should only be sharpened on wet stones.
  • The sharpening stone should be soaked in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes – information on the exact soaking time should be provided by the manufacturer.
  • Do not soak the stone in warm water – it will then lose its parameters.
  • The stone must remain wet during sharpening.
  • If, during sharpening, you no longer see water as you move the knife, you should wet the stone again.

Which stone to choose?

  • Kitchen knives used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and subjected to ongoing maintenance – stones with a gradation of 1000 by 6000.
  • First sharpening on a stone – a stone with a grit of 1000.
  • Finishing sharpening – 6000 grit stone.
  • Professional kitchen knives that have not been sharpened or have been very blunt are sharpened on stones with a grit of 200-900.

How to sharpen?

  • You should sharpen your knives in one direction only. Do not sharpen knives by rubbing them from one side to the other.
  • The knife blade cannot fall off the stone – dragging must be stopped before the knife falls off the stone.
  • Once you have sharpened one side of the knife, move the knife around and start sharpening the other side. We do this until the steel burr is removed, usually if we have dragged the first side over the stone 15 times, the second side is enough to be dragged 5 times.
  • We proceed in the same way at the polishing stage.

Sharpening on a ceramic mousse

  • Kitchen knives must be clean.
  • We sharpen knives in one direction only. Do not sharpen knives by rubbing them from one side to the other.
  • The knife blade must not fall off the moussaka, and the dragging must be stopped before the knife falls off the moussaka.
  • After sharpening one edge of the knife, switch the knife over and start sharpening the other side
  • It is a good idea to sharpen professional kitchen knives on moussak before starting work to ensure greater comfort of use.

Free MAC knife sharpening for registered customers

Registered users have access to a free MAC knife sharpening service twice a year.

If you do not have an account on, register to receive access to the free Mac knife sharpening service twice a year.

The regular price for unregistered users is PLN 35 for the sharpening service of one knife. BUY NOW

How to use the service? It is very easy:

Send us an e-mail to, provide the model and description of the condition of the knife, and attach a current photo of the knife in question.

Be sure to provide contact details, including telephone number and preferred contact time.

In the event of major damage, we will contact you to see what we can do.

Your application will be processed within one business day.

After confirming acceptance of the order:

Generate a return bill of lading to the address where we should send the knife back after sharpening.

The address of the InPost carrier’s website where you can purchase such a service:

Pack the knife and secure it for transport, be sure to attach a paid return bill of lading.

Send the knife to the INPOST WAW21N parcel locker (Bronowska 4 – Warsaw): Recipient: CallBell,, Telephone: +48 733 804 975

We only send knives via Inpost, the parcel locker you need to provide is WAW21N (the same one from which we collect it)

We will sharpen the knives sent within a maximum of three business days.

We will send the sharpened knife back using the attached bill of lading.

*CallBell is not responsible for courier services and does not pay for shipments related to the knife sharpening service.
*we reserve the right to change the service delivery time, we will contact you if the service delivery date changes.
*After receiving the knife, if it does not look the same as in the attached photos, we have the right to refuse to provide the service.

Types and properties of stones

We use such stones to sharpen very damaged/very blunt knives which we want to restore their initial sharpness or repair any damage.

These stones are used to sharpen knives every day, restoring their sharpness.

Stones are used for the final polishing of the blade, thanks to this process the knives remain sharp longer and allow for precise cutting of meat and vegetables. Polishing is extremely important because it eliminates micro scratches resulting from this process and protects the edge of the blade against the penetration of substances that cause oxidation/corrosion of steel.

Ceramic rod is used to sharpen the knife every day before starting work. When using it every day, you do not need to use stones so often, the comfort of work remains the same, the knife is always sharp.

Ball-type hand sharpener, Roll type, specially designed for sharpening into a MAC edge. Its small size means it can even fit in your pocket. With this sharpener, you can restore even the dullest knife to its former glory with just a few hand movements.

If you need help choosing knives, we'll help you

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