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Japanese kitchen knives
with Mac edge

Masterfully made MAC knives ensure the perfect preparation of dishes. Extremely sharp and precise Mac Knives sushi knives are half the battle. Kitchen knives sharpened to the MAC edge allow for finer and thinner cutting than traditional European V-shaped edges. The MAC edge is also much more versatile than the single-sided Japanese KATABA edges.

High quality materials combined with the best quality of the blades, thanks to which they remain sharp and allow for very quick re-sharpening, which is so important in the daily work of not only a cook.

MAC has a large selection of traditional Japanese kitchen knives, from the cheaper ones made in Seki, to the luxurious Honyaki hand-forged knives made entirely by hand in Sakai, using old sword forging techniques passed down from generation to generation. Skillful high carbon steel forging produces an edge that is incredibly sharp.

The ergonomic design of both the blade and the handle has been developed since 1964 in collaboration with professionals who use MAC kitchen knives. We have knives for every task in the kitchen, all very sharp and perfectly balanced.

One of them is the method of sharpening the knives at the MAC edge, the other is the method of hardening the steel at minus temperatures, which increases the hardness of the steel by 2 Rockwell degrees. Depending on the series, the process of delivering ready-made knives to the customer takes up to 104 specialized production and logistics processes, during which the manufacturer ensures the highest quality of the MAC knives offered.

High-quality blades are thinner than other brands, which allows them to cut effortlessly without damaging the food being cut. Recognized by world masters of culinary art.

Mac Knife Edge

MAC kitchen knives are sharpened in the characteristic “MAC Edge”, invented and patented by the company founder Mr. Tatsuo Kobayashi in 1965. It is a hybrid of Japanese and European style sharpening.

The MAC edge allows for finer and thinner cutting than traditional European V-shaped edges, it is also much more versatile than the single-sided KATABA Japanese kitchen knives.

It is thanks to this solution that MAC knives have gained such success and recognition of chefs around the world.

The distinctive MAC edge is a hybrid between traditional Japanese single edge sharpening (KATABA) and western V-shaped sharpening (RYOBA) style. The slight difference is that the edges are cut off-center at an angle of about 45.5 degrees. Such sharpened knives allow you to make straight cuts and cut thin slices more accurately without damaging them.

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