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Chef’s work is not easy. Creating new dishes, which on the one hand will be surprising in their taste, on the other hand will appeal to all guests. Supervising the work of the entire kitchen team and training it. Preparing a work plan. Quality control of ordered products. Many hours spent on our feet. All this makes you sometimes dream about a moment of peace. About something that will be sure and reliable. That is why when you chose kitchen knives for your restaurant you decided to use professional MacKnifes kitchen knives.
You will appreciate the perfect timing, the hardness of the steel and the fact that sharpening knives is not an everyday chore after all. Working with them is pure pleasure for you and your whole team. Perfectly ergonomic knife handle makes that chopping vegetables for several hours does not cause wrist aches. You know how important is their excellent workmanship and variety of shapes. The set of kitchen knives that you and your subordinate cooks use includes not only a cheese knife, bread knife or meat knife, but also all kinds of knife accessories that help create amazing taste and visual compositions for your guests. The MacKnifnes Chef’s knife set makes the work of any chef, chef or cooking enthusiast bring him a lot of pleasure, while allowing him to work more efficiently.

MAC steel – AUS8, the Japanese equivalent of 440C, is the steel that ranks between the European equivalent of 440C and ATS 34. . Content C 0.7 – 0.8%, Mn 1.0%, Cr 13.0 – 14.5%, Ni 0.5%, V 0.1 – 0.25%, Mo 0.1 – 0.3% Japanese steels differ from the European counterparts of 440 n using small amounts of vanadium. Vanadium has a positive effect on the homogeneity of the steel’s crystalline structure, added in appropriate proportions increases the abrasion resistance of the blade. Japanese production technology guarantees the highest quality. Kitchen knives can’t be washed in dishwashers due to high temperature and strong acting detergents.

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Knife series


  • HB-85 91.20 with TAX
  • MTH-80 201.60 with TAX
  • TH-80 144.00 with TAX

Top rated

  • BF-HB-70 88.80 with TAX
  • SBK-95 374.40 with TAX
  • SA-70 98.40 with TAX

Products categories

Knife series

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