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Kid's Series

Children’s knives with their ergonomic shape and safety lines will make sure that your child can accompany you while preparing meals.


How to use the MAC Kid’s Knife. (Instruction)

Thank you for purchasing our knife.

When removing the knife from the box, be careful not to touch the blade as you may cut your hands or fingers.

Note that the blade is sharp below the white line.

Whenever a child uses a knife, it must always be supervised by an adult.

It’s time to start the adventure! Enjoy cooking together!!!

For children over 3 years of age. Regardless of the age of the child, use the knife only under the supervision of an adult.

The knife is sharp, so do not let children use the knife without adult supervision, otherwise they may injure themselves or others.

Always use the knife safely and teach children how to use the “first MAC Kid’s KNIFE” correctly.

When you take the knife out of the box, avoid contact with the blade. You can cut yourself.


When you put the knife down, do not point the blade at yourself.

Do not point the knife at other people. When passing the knife to another person, put it down. Don’t pass from hand to hand.

Never move a cutting board with a knife.

Never run with a knife in your hand.

Do not look away when using the knife. Always focus on what you’re cutting.

When learning to cut, hold the knife firmly as you would hold a pencil.

Bend the fingers of the hand you use to hold the food. Your hand should look like a cat’s paw.

If items are too difficult to cut, call an adult for help.


Knife request for children
Do not cut very hard items or frozen foods. Use the knife very carefully and do not make chaotic/uncontrolled movements. After washing, dry the knife with a towel.

Notes on using the knife for children.
Only use the knife to cut food. If the knife is used for other purposes, the warranty is void. Never wave a knife, e.g. when saying goodbye. Use the knife only for cutting and chopping food. Do not use to cut frozen food. After use, carefully hand wash the knife with a mild detergent and neutral detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly, carefully putting it away. Keep out of the reach of children, in a place where children cannot reach and use it on their own. When the knife becomes dull, sharpen it at an angle of about 15 degrees on both sides. If the angle is not maintained, the cutting ability will decrease. Keep away from open flames and extreme heat. The handle may be damaged. Do not use the knife if it is damaged or deformed. Do not wash or dry the knife in a dishwasher or tumble dryer. The heat may deform or damage the handle. Never use chlorine or bleach to clean a baby knife.

Handle: elastomer resin (temperature resistant up to about 80 degrees).
Blade: stainless steel

Made in Japan by MAC Corporation.

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Products categories

Knife series

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