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Since childhood you have been fascinated by Japan. It started innocently with a few fairy tales seen sneakily and playing samurai with your friends.
Later you looked for information about it in the library, reading stories about valiant samurai and amazing culture. When you grew up a little bit on the Internet you knew every forum about Japan. From those touching the tradition and culture of the Land of the Cherry Blossom, through those touching geographical issues, to forums talking about the traditional cuisine of this nation. In later years, as soon as you had the opportunity to go to Japan for an exchange, you were already completely in love with this nation.
Even now you are surrounded at work by the country that has become your second home. Japanese kitchen knives, knife rack and all the other knife accessories that you may need at work. When you make sushi for your guests, traditional music always plays behind you and you play in your head the lessons from the sushi course organized in Osaka especially for you. You will never forget those few days spent with the world’s best chefs who showed you what professional kitchen knives, good quality products and the true art of making sushi are. Then you understood what true quality is and decided to move it to your restaurant as well, infecting everyone in it with love of Japanese art and culture.

Superior MAC steel – subzero AUS8 – this steel is given to the process of hardening at minus temperatures, the technical details of the process are a manufacturer’s secret, protected by patent since 1965. AUS8 – Japanese equivalent of steel 440C, is a steel that is between the European equivalent of steel 440C and ATS 34. . Content C 0.7 – 0.8%, Mn 1.0%, Cr 13.0 – 14.5%, Ni 0.5%, V 0.1 – 0.25%, Mo 0.1 – 0.3% Japanese steels differ from the European counterparts of 440 n using small amounts of vanadium. Vanadium has a positive effect on the homogeneity of the steel’s crystalline structure, added in appropriate proportions increases the abrasion resistance of the blade. Japanese production technology guarantees the highest quality.
No kitchen knives should be washed in dishwashers due to high temperature and strong acting detergents.

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Knife series


  • HB-85 91.20 with TAX
  • MTH-80 201.60 with TAX
  • TH-80 144.00 with TAX

Top rated

  • Cleaver Knife Powerful double bevelled cleaver with MAC edge, ideal for cleaning and cutting up fish and poultry. Blade 215 mm SDK-85 415.20 with TAX
  • FKW-7 146.40 with TAX
  • Chef Knife Classic French kitchen knife for versatile use. Blade 265 mm SBK-105 415.20 with TAX

Products categories

Knife series

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