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Japanese cuisine has fascinated you from the first time you go out for sushi with your family. At that moment you fell in love with the original taste and appearance of dishes from the Land of the Cherry Blossom. It was then that the image of Japanese people, as people eating raw fish with rice rolled up in a strange black paper with steel palates, became fixed in your head – after all, it was the day when you also tasted wasabi for the first time and drank all the water in the restaurant. How surprised you were when a few years later you saw on TV that Japanese cuisine is not only sushi but also ramen – seemingly similar to our broth and yet quite different, with many flavors of round dango, mirimi being a unique sauce or takoyaki, which became your favorite dish when the first bite melted in your mouth. The variety of flavors of Japanese cuisine made you decide to become an expert on it yourself.
Since then, many years have passed and your kitchen has hosted not only Japanese kitchen knives, but also top quality ingredients and hundreds of people who want you to prepare dishes for them that take them to Japan at least for a while. While cooking you try to educate people. You explain how important it is to sharpen knives, top quality ingredients and precision. You allow everyone to see what professional kitchen knives look like and you emphasize how unusual it is to watch masters who make knives like samurai swords. This is what makes your meals so special. Because apart from the unique taste, you give them unforgettable stories and experiences.

Hand forged and hand-finished in Sakai by experienced craftsmen kitchen knives with blades made of Japanese white high carbon steel yasuki reinforced with low carbon steel. The edge of the knives remains sharp for a long time. Rounded handle made of magnolia wood, with a buffalo corner end. The colour of the handle and end may vary between the knives. Shiro2 (white 2) – carbon steel, clad in wrought iron. The steel core so-called white carbon (C 0.95-1.0, Kr 0.2-0.5 Ni 0.7-1.3) consists of eleven alternating layers, soft and hard steel on both sides.

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Products categories

Knife series


  • HB-85 91.20 with TAX
  • MTH-80 201.60 with TAX
  • TH-80 144.00 with TAX

Top rated

  • Nóż do obierania serii Nashiji hp-pk-120 HP-PK-120 196.80 with TAX
  • MTH-80 201.60 with TAX
  • BS-90 88.80 with TAX

Products categories

Knife series

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