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MAC kitchen knives have blades with a hardness between 58 and 60 degrees on the Rockwell scale, making them harder than most kitchen knife blades on the market.

All models of MAC western kitchen knives have blades are made from high carbon steel containing 0.75% carbon with an optimal balance of 13.5% chromium. Additionally, vanadium and molybdenum are added to select models to further increase the hardness of the steel. Thanks to this procedure, sharpening knives is not a frequent chore, as the knives remain sharp for longer.

Great care is taken to keep the metal temperature at a constant low level during the grinding and sharpening process, which sets the proper hardness of the finished blade. Each blade is carefully hand sharpened by professional blacksmiths from the famous Seki region of Japan. High quality materials combined with the finest blade workmanship to keep blades sharpseveral times longer than knives of other leading brands.


MAC kitchen knives are sharpened with the characteristic “MAC Edge” invented and patented by company founder Mr. Tatsuo Kobayashi in 1965. It is a hybrid of Japanese and European style sharpening.

The MAC edge allows for more accurate and thinner slicing than traditional European V-edges, and is much more versatile than the single sided edges of KATABA Japanese kitchen knives.

It is this feature that has made MAC knives so successful and appreciated by chefs all over the world.