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  • Hardened at minus temperatures
  • Increasing the hardness of steel by 2 points on the Rockwell scale
  • Knives stay sharp longer
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Stainless Steel
  • The distinctive MAC edge is a hybrid between the traditional Japanese single edge sharpening (KATABA) and the Western style of V-shaped sharpening (RYOBA).
  • A sharp knife does not damage the cellular structure of cutting material
  • Dishes retain their flavor and do not lose their nutritional value
  • The products are aesthetically cut without torn edges
  • Prestige
  • Functionality
  • Models with a safe edge
  • Knives for professionals
  • Knives for left-handers
  • Knives for children
  • Good value for money
  • Dedicated knives for various kitchen tasks
  • A large selection of sharpeners and accessories
  • Perfect knife balance
  • Materials used for user comfort
  • The ergonomic shape adapts to every hand
  • Longer life of materials used in production
  • Free sharpening twice a year for registered customers.
  • Discounts when exchanging for a new knife
  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours
  • Attractive discounts with permanent cooperation

A series of knives for professionals

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Knives for left-handed people

Working in the kitchen is a pleasure

A series of knives for culinary enthusiasts


MAC kitchen knives have blades with a hardness of between 58 and 60 degrees on the Rockwell scale, which makes them harder than most kitchen knife blades available on the market.

All models of MAC western kitchen knives have blades made of high-carbon steel containing 0.75% carbon with an optimal balance of 13.5% chromium. Additionally, in order to further increase the hardness of the steel, vanadium and molybdenum are added to selected models. Thanks to this procedure, sharpening knives is not a frequent chore, because the knives stay sharp for longer.

Extremely important attention is paid to maintaining a constant, low metal temperature during the grinding and sharpening process, which sets the appropriate hardness of the finished blade. Each blade is carefully hand-sharpened by professional blacksmiths from the famous Seki region of Japan. High quality materials combined with the best quality of blades, thanks to which they can stay sharp
High quality materials combined with the best quality of blades, thanks to which they can stay sharp

Essential accessories/gift sets


MAC kitchen knives are sharpened with the characteristic “MAC Edge”, invented and patented by the company’s founder, Mr. Tatsuo Kobayashi in 1965. It is a hybrid of Japanese and European style sharpening.

The MAC edge allows for more precise and thinner cutting than traditional European V-shaped edges, and is also much more versatile than the single-sided edges of KATABA Japanese kitchen knives.

It is thanks to this solution that MAC knives have gained such success and recognition among master chefs around the world.

Series of Japanese Wa-Bocho Knives

Japanese knives, which are manufactured using an advanced forging process in which a single piece of steel is forged to obtain the perfect shape  of the blade, include two main types: “kasumi” (fog) knives and “honyaki” (true forged) knives. , each technology has its own characteristics. Because the kasumi knife is made from a combination of hard steel and flexible soft iron, it combines strength with a sharp blade. On the other hand, a honyaki knife is forged entirely from a single material  and stays sharp longer after a single sharpening. Due to their excellent sharpness, the knives are applicable to a wide range of cooking techniques and ingredients. Traditional Japanese knives   are suitable for users who are proficient in using them. A feature of Japanese knives is the single KATABA edge sharpening.

In the world of Japanese chefs, it is believed that a chef has reached adulthood only when he knows not only how to use a knife, but also how to properly care for it. Every day after work, the chef sharpens and protects his knife, uses it carefully as if it were part of his body.

This gave rise to the belief that a spirit inhabits a tool that has been used for many years, as well as the custom of folding an old, broken knife into a hocho-zuka mound for kitchen knives to express gratitude for the years of its use   and  to pray. to improve their skills in using kitchen knives.


safe - light - sharp - comfortable to use

Only by eating excellent food can you prepare it

Jiro Ono, Japanese sushi master

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